What can WE do?

You might be reading this website absorbing the data that we have compiled for you and now it is has actually inspired you to take a stand against poverty, hunger and inequalities in the world. Of course, some may look at this and say that it is not their problem and that they cannot contribute positively in order to decrease such a widespread problem. Others will read this and say, “what can we do”?

Therefore, we will provide a brief discussion on steps that can be taken by everyday individuals, steps that actually make a difference in people's lives and steps that move toward achieving the Millennium Development Goals. The most important thing to realize is that a very small gesture can have huge rewards. It does not always take a lot of time to help and certainly you do not have to be rich with money to aid those less fortunate. Following you will find twelve quick and easy ways in which you can help to reduce the pain and suffering of your fellow human beings.

  1. Buy a new pair of underwear. Pants-to-Poverty sells underpants made from fair trade cotton from India, allowing those farmers to earn a decent living.
  2. Sponsor a child from one of the legitimate organizations who benefit whole communities from the monthly donations. Wells for pumping clean water, irrigation for crops, school houses, and supplies for school children are some of the examples of where the money goes.
  3. While the well-known, fifty year old Halloween UNICEF boxes have been retired, other school fundraisers have replaced the tradition. Not only can you contribute to one of these events but even school age children can become aware and involved in improving the plight of children elsewhere in the world.
  4. Help to break attendance records by joining events such as “Stand Up Take Action”.
  5. Stop buying products from known sweatshop environments.
  6. Purchase teabags that are Fair Trade certified. In Canada, the packages are stamped by TransFair Canada.
  7. If you have old but usable tools, watch for community requests. Many churches collect items to be taken on their missions to teach people how to farm and become self-sufficient.
  8. Give canned goods to local food banks to help fight hunger in your community.
  9. When traveling outside your country, buy goods from local artisans but agree to pay their “asked” prices. While it may be fun for you to barter, your enjoyment only helps to perpetuate poverty by taking advantage.
  10. Buy footballs or music albums to help end the recruitment and use of child soldiers.
  11. Sponsor your favorite athlete to complete an incredible feat like those of “Athletes Against Hunger”.
  12. Choose at a project of interest and donate to a legitimate charity that uses the funds to establish and maintain programs where needed.

Written by Brenda. This is not an official site. More info about this site and what we're trying to do is right here.