The biggest threats to universal education in the third world

The biggest threats to universal education in the third world are several large problems. Education in the third world can be done, and is being done, but it is often not as good as industrialized countries. There are reasons for that that we will be going over in this article. Some of the reasons are obvious and some are not quite as obvious.

The biggest threat to universal education is quite simply a lack of funding. Many of the teachers in third world countries are volunteers. Certainly, they are great assets and a huge need in third world countries. However, to bring in college-educated teachers would require funds that they simply do not have. There are some college educated teachers in third world countries but often they work for little or no money at all. There is a huge need for college and university educated teachers and for adequate classrooms. Many of the classrooms have few books and not near enough supplies.

Supplies that large countries take for granted are in fact in short supply in these other countries. Things like notebooks, papers, pens, and folders are in very short supply in third world countries. These items are relatively inexpensive in America but they are in fact difficult to find. To find charitable people and organizations that would be willing to send supplies to Africa would be among the best things you could do to curb this problem and give the children access to proper school supplies.

Another large thrack is lack of internet. However, this has become a large cause for many charitable organizations and is being steadily improved. Bringing internet to third world countries would open up their learning one hundred fold. You can find virtually anything online and it is free. This would give the teachers and students access to literally every piece of information they would need to teach a class and it would be virtually free, allowing more locals to turn into professionals that the country needs so bad. Can you imagine the impact of having the ability to teach more third world youths the needed skills to become a researcher, become a doctor or even the philosophy and ideas behind freedom and democracy? The impact would be huge! All they would need to do is have a computer or computers to access this information and share it with the students. Having a printer to print out the information is basically all they would need to make their own text books as well as paper.

Another big threat is that some countries do not believe in educating girls. It is often frowned upon in some third world countries when the girls go to school. Many of them will not go out of fear of retaliation or humiliation. This fear can often lead to violence when the townsfolk seek some sort of revenge when the girls keep on attending school. This is sheer ignorance and really needs to be worked on. To have educated women makes their sons and daughters all smarter and better people. This leads to more prosperity and success and that is what these third world countries need to thrive and save their children.

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