The biggest threats to child mortality in the third world

Child mortality is one of the most difficult things in the world to discuss. The death of a child is always among the saddest type of deaths you will ever encounter. It is very sad that millions of children die yearly and usually from preventable things. In third world countries, however, their poverty and lack of access to health care cause many more deaths than there would be in a more industrialized country.

Many young babies and children under 5 die of pneumonia and diarrhea and malaria. These are all common sicknesses and unfortunately the lack of health care pays a major contribution to the extremely high amount of child deaths. After these illnesses, the major cause of death is malnutrition. In third world countries, poverty and lack of food are real every day concerns. Even with billions of dollars of food aid given to third world countries every year, there are still millions of children who will die from malnutrition every year.

In Africa, malaria is probably the number one killer. Getting proper health care to that region is necessary. In other regions, pneumonia is the biggest killer and with proper health care this could be brought under control. These are illnesses that have very little deaths in large countries where health care is readily accessible.

Bringing about more health care and access to food could truly help bring down the global child mortality rate, especially in third world countries. Volunteering more time to these causes is necessary and bringing in permanent doctors and permanent food shelters are so important to helping deal with these large threats of child mortality.

There are many charities that contribute their time and resources to these causes. They do help with the child mortality rate in the third world. However, so much more needs to be done for this cause. Getting more volunteers and accessing more funds to ensure food and other necessities is vital. Gathering more support and advertising more and more is basically all you can do to help the cause.

Child mortality is probably the world's saddest topic of discussion. The deaths of children in third world countries are often the most saddening because in other countries, their deaths could have been avoided in most circumstances. With 24 hour access to hospitals and doctors in industrialized countries, these children have every opportunity afforded to them and the ability to get their illnesses taken care of in a timely manner. Unfortunately, in third world countries, these children die because there is simply no access to health care most of the time or they simply could not get to a facility in time due to few facilities.

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